Hi! I'm David

Ready to Embrace the True Power of Photography?

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Hi! I'm David

Ready to Embrace the True Power of Photography?

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Who is the Photography Whisperer?

"A talented photographer with a remarkable gift for understanding images and those who capture them.

A Conduit between the roots and future of the art and science of creating durable images.

A student, a teacher, a guide, a mentor, a practitioner, and an ambassador dedicated to serve the art and those who see the world through images that can and need to be captured and shared.

Bridging, guiding, championing, and capturing the essence of photography through time and generations.

The Photography Whisperer promises to inspire, educate, motivate, enlighten your world through the capture of light and moments in time."    AJ Mirabedini

David McCammon discovered photography as a teenager and later graduated from Ryerson University with a BAA Photography degree. He has been photographing professionally for over 30 years.

His first photography job was at a huge studio in Toronto producing flyers for Sears, Eatons, Canadian Tire, Clinique and others. David then worked as a corporate photographer for an international insurance company. These two key learning opportunities lead to the creation of David McCammon Photography with his wife Julia.

Their studio became well known throughout the region. David has developed enduring relationships while photographing for numerous businesses and corporations. Julia and he built a home studio on a 5-acre property in Kitchener, Ontario where they first went digital in 1998.

David has taught photography part-time at several Ontario colleges and universities including introductory courses, studio product and portrait, photoshop and the history of photography. He has exhibited and sold his art and landscape photography in Quebec and Ontario.

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