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Preparing For a Portrait


I recently had a request from a Nova Scotia photography student to answer a few questions as a part of a school assignment. Here’s one.

How do you prepare your subjects before shooting? How do you indicate there’s something wrong with the pose or expression?

Shooting? I’ve struggled with this overused term for a long time. Years ago, I saw an American photographer from Maine who did beautiful portraits including people from the US Navy. During his presentation he talked about what we do as photographers. “We shoot them, process them and then hang them.” From that point on I have tried to avoid using the word shoot when talking about photography.

Why care? We work in a field of communication. A hugely powerful form of communication we sometimes take for granted. How we speak about photography is as important as how we compose an image.

How do I prepare for a photo session? I always start with a conversation asking my subjects desired outcome and...

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Do Bad Photography?


Todays post was inspired by a presentation Seth Godin did on LinkedIn to "Do Bad Writing". 

Just get out and photograph consistently. Learn by making mistakes, trying new things, finding solutions and developing your expertise as a photographer. 

All I can say is it's loads of fun.

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It's always a great learning experience to enter competitions. It feels great when you're images are accepted and win awards while empowering to listen to judges' feedback on those images that didn't win and how they can be improved.

There are always opportunities to learn more. How sweet is that!!!


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A Walk in the Woods


Saturday after Good Friday. A fine long walk in nearby woods.

So much to experience. Always fresh.

Ran into a maple farmer with (his?) young lad.

Friendly greeting exchanged. His? family have cared for and harvested this woodlot since the 1880’s AND we get to walk along these groomed woodchipped trails. Amazingly, sweet grace.

I walked on thinking how grateful I am for having access to this. Turning around, thinking "I’m going to say thanks." The gentleman was already scooting back to work, gathering their blue lines – transport for sap.

I hesitated realizing he might think me a tad strange running after him. Sauntering over to the youngster I asked him to please pass a message of thanks for tending this land and keeping it open to the likes of people like me..

Headed northwest for a few hundred meters. Struck up a conversation with a younger gentleman.

Ended up sharing a story of collecting sap on a farm near North Hatley, a small community east of Montreal....

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30 Minutes


We all have thoughts and ideas swirling around our minds.

They’re ethereal in nature only becoming real when we share them by talking, writing them down, realizing them in a photograph or...

We spend so much time in front of a screen these days. Reading, watching, editing photographs...

It’s inside stuff. Inside is good - to a point.

Getting out. Walking, writing, photographing, talking. Engagement turns outward. Our thoughts again become real.

A challenge.

Is there something you're not doing you'd love to do? Perhaps to express yourself? Make photographs? 

All you need do is find 30 minutes a day. 30 minutes a day committed to your passion. 

Simply start. 30 minutes. We can always find 30 minutes. Right.

Imagine moving your ideas into actions. Might change your life!

Imagine how 30 minutes would likely alter or shape your view...

 Wait, don't imagine. Just do it.

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January Diptychs

Appears to have been this January’s
I’ve always had great fun exploring the power of placing two images beside each other. Often horizontally though easily sliding
them overtop each other. Can extend the sense of place (or person), create a new shared
design, extend the story, be in harmony or force contrast
and contradiction.
There are times they build out into a
sequence. We discuss diptychs and sequence in the Photography Whisperer Method - a considered approach to photography.
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Have Something You Want To Say?

Sometimes we simply want to say "I was here". This is what it looked like.

Other times we attempt to say what it felt like here, in this place, or with this person.

We might say how this place, person, thing has affected us, influenced us, maybe surprised us…

There's always choice each time we press the shutter.

The Photography Whisperer helps photographers say what they want to say.




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Still Learning Photography


After an introduction to master photographer Bernice Abbott's thoughts I touch on her work then dive into Eugene Atget's unbelievable gift for taking a scene beyond the document into the realm of poetry with his seamless undoctored approach.

As stated by John Szarkowski, "I think that Atget is the single most inexhaustibly interesting of all photographers so far. More interesting than Stieglitz or Weston or Cartier-Bresson; even more interesting than Walker Evans, who was his greatest student."

For additional insights:

The World of Atget by Bernice Abbott


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The Holiday Challenge


Here's your holiday photography challenge. Get inspired! Grow your photography. 

And have a lovely holiday season!


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5 Simple Tools To Create Your Own Look


A quick presentation illustrating 5 simple tools altering the look of your image from RAW file to how you want your image to look.

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