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Placing Photographs Together

I love images placed beside each other creating tension between them; an extension from one to the other expanding each others message or feeling. Creating new ones.

The images may not immediately be seen as related. When a creator does this it forces me to uncover the relationship. The relationship can be obvious extending each others meaning.

Words too, alongside a photograph(s) can also create powerful relationship.

This one has both, inspired upon hearing an old Big Bang Theory TV show. The line, "The ice caps are melting Leonard. In the future swimming isn’t going to be optional."  The line tossed in among several humorous lines jumped out.

At first I had an abstract image of sun on water from 2 summers ago in mind. While looking it up I happened upon this sequence taken along a back road between Stratford and London. The relationship to oil and an ongoing concern regarding global warming felt more relevant than the playful abstraction.

We can do this to make a comment on a serious ongoing conversation. Duane Michals created thought provoking, poetic sequences. They can beautifully illustrate a place or feelings building an emotion or thought.

This will be a part of our conversation in the Photography Whisperer Method: creating meaning with photographs in a variety of ways such as through relationship and sequence.


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