What Students are Saying about David McCammon’s Photography Classes

“David’s classroom has always been a positive environment… David’s outstanding knowledge of the photography world goes beyond the technical aspects.” Greg B

“Explaining these things takes patience, understanding and support, and by having David as a professor, I’ve gotten the opportunity to see that he has all of these traits when he teaches.” Laynna M

“David McCammon is one of those professors who make students actually look forward to class. As a student with two semesters of experience at having him as a teacher, he is inspiring, motivating, and always in a contagious good mood. David is a people person – as a student he always makes me feel accepted, and there is no such thing as an obtuse question.” Lindsay W

“He is one of the most understanding, compassionate and brilliant professors I’ve had… His patience and his friendly demeanor created a humbling atmosphere comparable to a photography family bringing not only the students closer together but strengthening our confidences individually.” Amanda U

“He is an effective communicator, engaging teacher, and altogether well spirited individual that creates a fun and educational mood. If anyone has the opportunity to be taught by David McCammon, I would highly recommend it.” Adam M.

“I will never forget what David has taught me not only because it has already affected me, but also within my four years of University I can look back and say honestly that David will be an inspiration for my journey into photography for years to come.” Gillian G.